The Graduate Program in Sciences (Pharmacology) was created in 1981, contemplating MSc and Ph.D. degrees. Currently, 21 supervisors are registered in the Program, most of them faculty members of the Department of Pharmacology at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences. The Program also congregates supervisors for other institutions including the Butantan Institute and The Federal University of São Paulo. The Pharmacology Program maintains a high standard of intellectual and scientific productivity and our main characteristics are its multidisciplinarity and its broad scope of investigations ranging from basic to innovation-oriented research. Our scientific expertise is concentrated in three major health and disease fields: Neuroscience and Behavior; Cardiovascular, Respiratory, and Endocrine Systems; and Inflammation and Cancer, including the frontier areas of Pharmacogenomics and Nanopharmacology. All advisers run state-of-the-art laboratories and are recipients of national and international research grants.

Since its creation, the Program in Pharmacology has trained nearly 600 post-graduate students. Annually, around 90 students (masters and doctorates) from all regions of Brazil and abroad are registered in our Program. Most of them are recipients of institutional scholarships from national and state agencies (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel – CAPES; National Council for Scientific and Technological Development – CNPq and São Paulo Research Foundation – FAPESP). The excellence of our alumni is known by our peers worldwide. They are occupying leadership positions in academic institutions and in health and industry sectors in Brazil and abroad.


Contact details of the Pharmacology Program:



Phone: (+ 55) 11 30917322

Address: Av. Prof. Lineu Prestes 1524, ICB I, 2nd Floor, room 202