The Postgraduate Program in Biological Sciences (Microbiology) was created in 1982, contemplating MSc and PhD degrees. There are currently 30 registered supervisors in the Program, most of them are faculty members of the Department of Microbiology that conduct research in one of the three major microbiology areas: bacteriology, mycology and virology. All advisers run state-of-the-art laboratories and are recipients of research funding.

In its almost 40 years of existence, the Microbiology Program has trained nearly 1000 post-graduate students. The average annual number of students is around 90-100 (masters and doctorates), from all regions of Brazil and from abroad (10-20% of the students). Our post-graduates receive institutional (CAPES or CNPq) or FAPESP scholarships. Our alumni are absorbed by the market mainly as scholars, instructors and researchers in public and private institutions, as leaders in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics companies and in clinical analysis laboratories.

The Microbiology Program maintains a high standard of intellectual and scientific productivity (evaluated by the Brazilian Postgraduate Agency CAPES as a program of outstanding excellence). Given the multidisciplinary nature of the program, the research lines are quite diverse: medical, oral and epidemiological microbiology, environmental microbiology and genetics, structural biology and bioinformatics.


Contact details of the Microbiology Program:

Email: micropos@icb.usp.br

Homepage: http://posbmm.icb.usp.br/

Phone: 11 30917355

Address: Av. Prof. Lineu Prestes 1374, ICB II, 2nd Floor, room 202